How to get the best value for money out of a wedding budget – when to get married

Value for money is different to cost. For example an expertly made wedding dress in good quality fabric will fit and fall much more attractively than a mass-produced, online alternative. Wearing the better version will give you confidence, you’ll feel comfortable, your fiancé and then husband will absolutely adore you in it and need I mention the photographs? That’s what I mean by value for money!

When choosing when and where to get married it’s worth considering much more than the obvious. Paying extra for a venue with glorious grounds and gardens for a winter wedding may not be great value for money as daylight hours are short and inclement weather can make it impossible to enjoy the grounds that you’ve paid extra for.

The wonder of winter weddings!

Open fires, log burners, mulled wine and hot toddies together with warming wedding breakfasts are perfect accompaniments to a winter wedding. But, it’s not all about eats and drinks, it’s also about timings. In my experience, I’ve found that winter ceremonies held mid to late morning, rather than midday to mid-afternoon, allow more time for the photographer to work their magic against stunning winter backdrops before the natural light fades to grey. Having said that, I bring a variety of lights to create different types of photography, perfect for after dark! 

Log fire at a winter wedding
Winter wedding shot
Winter wedding photography

Super spring and awesome autumn weddings 

The ‘shoulder seasons’ of spring and autumn are perfect in so many ways, indeed, May and September are usually my busiest months of the year! Venue prices are mid-range, short-haul honeymoon destinations are plentiful, flowers and foliage can be more affordable and you and your guests get to enjoy the lighter evenings perhaps in the venue’s gardens and grounds.

From a photographer’s perspective, spring and autumn provide an artist’s palette of colour and texture whilst the low sun at the end of the day throws long shadows, painting fabulous lead in lines which create a distinctly three dimensional quality to your images. 

Flowers in Spring
Autumn wedding shot
Outdoor wedding photo in Autumn

Summer weddings

Everybody loves a summer wedding! Long warm days of sunshine and gentle breezes with a much reduced risk of rain bode well for a fabulous day. However, in recent years the sun has been a little too hot and strong sunlight isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If a summer’s wedding is the plan, choosing a venue with plenty of shaded areas will allow guests to take a break without missing out on the action. 

It’s also worth considering the effects of super-strong sunshine on hair and makeup and groomsmen have been known to wilt in the extra warmth of woollen suits, top hats and cravats.

People also get tired sooner in hot weather, they may drink more alcohol than they intend to and strappy dresses can lead to sunburn, all things to bear in mind before making the booking. 

Having said that, summer weddings are the ideal time to make the most of a half day venue booking. Something starting around 4pm and going on until about midnight will obviously come in at a cheaper price, although this option may be available only on mid-week bookings.

Bride and Groom on a summers walk
Summer wedding photography
Flowers in the Summer

The final word on ‘when’

The decision on when to get married, both the month and the time of day, is very much a matter of personal choice and I hope that this short blog gives you a few hints and tips that help you make your decision on ‘when’ to get married. If you would like to know more why not drop me a line?

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