How to get the best value out of your wedding budget – make your own petal confetti

Today, most churches and other wedding venues allow only petal confetti to be thrown and that makes complete sense as petal confetti is biodegradable and, given a little time, it’s easy to make.

The confetti throw is one of my favourite shots on any wedding day, however, a ’10 handful’ bag of dried flower confetti costs about £14 (2024), which comes to £70 for a 50 guest wedding.

Confetti throwing

Petal confetti is incredibly easy to make, you just need a little time. Roses, larkspur, delphinium, hydrangea and lavender are good choices. However, the key to getting homemade confetti just right is to make absolutely sure that every single petal is separated and completely dried out to a crunchy crispiness before storing in airtight containers as storing petals that retain moisture can lead to them going mouldy.

Confetti throw

Start making your confetti today and ask friends and family to help

1. Enjoy shop bought or garden flowers in a vase until they start to droop.

2. Pull the flower heads off, separate each petal and lay them on kitchen paper.

3. Air dry the petals for several days and store in airtight containers only when completely ‘crispy’ dry. 

4. If you don’t have several days to spare, you can use a food dehydrator, a microwave oven or a regular oven on a very low heat. But, don’t overdo it, the last thing you want are little black pellets, instead of pretty dry petals, for your confetti throw.

Top Tip – Confetti is best thrown from the palm of the hand rather than a bag or cone. An open hand allows a wider spread of the petals, which then fall gently, whereas confetti thrown from a bag, cone or similar containers with small openings will have a tighter flight pattern and can cover an eye or even an entire happy, smiling face, which will spoil that all-important confetti throw photograph.

Personalised confetti

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