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At Angela Fitch Photography, we understand that protecting and respecting your privacy is part of our commitment to you when you choose us to photograph your wedding or special occasion.

 Our Privacy Policy explains why we collect personal information, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

How and why we collect personal information

Enquiries for our photography and videography services are received by email, phone and occasionally in person. We take the essential information: names, addresses and other contact details along with details of the time, date and venue of your wedding day or other special occasion.

The information you provide helps us firstly to provide you with a quotation that meets your photography and videography needs and ultimately to give your the level of service you expect from your photographer and videographer for your wedding day. We do not lend, give or sell your information to any third party unless we obtain your express permission in writing to do so.

Using your images and information on our website

We will ask for your permission before using your images on our website and if you send us a review, which we very much appreciate, we will use only your first names on our reviews page. If you choose to review using the Google option, we don’t need or expect you to include anything more than your first name and possibly your venue if appropriate.

When you invite us to be your photographer, your information is stored on our email server and a folder on the desktop computer, which is accessible only by our principal photographer, Angela Fitch; we don’t collect information that we won’t need. All the personal data we hold is processed in the UK, however, for the purposes of IT hosting and maintenance this information may be located on servers within the EU and USA.

Your data is used for the purpose of your photography shoot only, for which all parties sign a formal Agreement. As part of our Risk Management Policy, we also hold a paper copy of your details, which is stored in a folder, used on the day of your shoot, and destroyed once your collection has been dispatched. We usually communicate with our clients by email, virtual meetings (not recorded), and phone. We use btinternet, who are GDPR compliant, and if you decide not to book, your emails are deleted.

Payments are usually made by bank transfer. We don’t see your payment details, only the amount, name and your invoice reference number will show on our account.

Your rights

If you would like your date erased all you need to do is let us know and we will ensure that we delete digital data and securely shred and dispose of hard copy information.

How we use your data

We use the data you give us to communicate with you about your wedding/special occasion and, as already mentioned, we never share your information with a third party unless we have your express written permission to do so. 

If you choose to order an album, photobook or other print items, these may be dispatched by our chosen printer, who is GDPR compliant, and they will need your postal address.

On the day of the shoot both the photographer and videographer will have a digital or paper copy of your essential ‘on the day’ information and if we use a second photographer they will also have a copy. This information is deleted/destroyed within a day of your shoot. 

How we store and use your photographs and videography

As we photograph your big day we store images and video of you and your guests on duplicate memory cards which are then backed up onto an external hard drive and retained for two years. Unless previously agreed, your photographs and video are saved onto duplicate USB drives and sent to your preferred postal address by First Class post, next day, signed for Royal Mail delivery.

We don’t share your images with anyone, including your own guests, as we feel it is very much your choice who gets to see them and when. Should one of your wedding suppliers ask to use one or more of your images, we will obtain your permission in writing and won’t share until we get that.

To run the business effectively, we may wish to share images online using Instagram, Facebook and on our own website pages. We will ask for your permission before doing this and we don’t use images that include children. We occasionally use photographs on our business cards, banners and brochures. We may also use GDPR-compliant WeTransfer to send images for print and other purposes to third parties. Once used the images are deleted by that third party.

We occasionally share images from weddings we photographed a few years ago. If this is you and you would prefer that your images are no longer shared please let us know and we will remove them from our website. 

When signing our usual Agreement you will be opting in to all of the above. However, if you would like to withdraw your consent at a later date you just need to email us. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and practices please contact us.