Getting the best value out of your wedding budget – Don’t forget ‘Plan B’

As UK weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable we need to be prepared for eventualities, ranging from sun screen to wellington boots!

Although everyone does their best to minimise the risk of something untoward happening on a wedding day, the vagaries of British weather can, quite literally, put a dampener on things, but it doesn’t have to, providing there’s Plan B to fall back on.

Wedding Photography of a Perfect Couple

Rainy wedding case study

Recently, I photographed a lovely couple getting married at a stunning location in Snowdonia. The bride had her heart set on an al fresco ceremony but an hour or so before it was due to start a  curtain of fine rain enveloped pretty much all of North Wales and everyone headed indoors. 

Naturally, the bride was disappointed, but she knew that there was no other option and had already worked with the wedding organiser to create Plan B.

Rainy wedding photography

First and foremost, the couple’s chosen venue had to have a room big enough to seat everyone for the ceremony and this includes space for the flowers, somewhere for the photographer and videographer to stand and don’t forget the dress; if it’s ball gown, fishtail or has a long train it will need space.

And Plan B doesn’t stop immediately after the ceremony. Don’t forget to check that there is enough room for children to play or to be entertained, a quiet corner for guests who prefer to sit and chat, somewhere with attractive backdrops for the photographer to work and enough elbow room for the band or DJ to set up without imposing on the party.

In my experience, we usually get at least part of the day when stepping outside for some fresh air and photography is possible, we just need to be flexible. When your photographer suggests 10 minutes away from the action to capture a few portraits be prepared to snap up the chance and if you can stretch it to 15 minutes, then that’s all the better.

Photography is all about light and if the day is dull, or indeed if everything happens indoors, artificial lighting is the key to capturing fabulous photographs. As a professional photographer I take lots of lighting to every wedding I photograph. The lights are battery controlled and ideal for working just about anywhere, inside or out, and this comes as a standard part of all my photography bookings and is included in the price.

Choosing the right photographer for your big day can be something of a challenge, but asking those that you contact how they would cope on a rainy day is a good place to start.

Silhouette of a couple at a wedding

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